Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Pre-Season Task 3: “I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination”

Mr James Dean - hot AND wise! I believe that he is conveying to us that some things in life are inevitable; however, we DO have control over ourselves and our own paths. We should simply accept that life will always change but in order to achieve what we set out to do, we need to formulate a plan.

Task three is all about goal setting. At first I was reluctant to set goals, because for me setting goals is generally a recipe for disaster. I remember sitting with Lord B about 6 months ago writing down what I wanted to achieve – I haven’t looked at that list since. Nevertheless, I have put my complete faith in Mish’s program, and have committed myself (monetarily and mentally) to the 12wbt.

So, what are my goals? What are your goals? Immediately I think, lose 15 kilos to be evaluated in 5 kilo incriments. Then I think, it’s not about weight it’s about size. So, another goal (which is indeed reachable) is to fit into my size 10 skinny jeans, and this incredible black dress I own and wore once. Another goal I have is to one day run a ½ marathon. If I really seriously think about it I’d like to really banish my inner beast – you know, that little fat purple hairy thing that stomps through my brain yelling “MUFFIN TIME!!” at 4pm? Yeah, you know who I’m talking about. I want to be rid of that thing that makes me fall off the wagon.

1. set my goals, and how I will achieve them

2. each goal must be timed – i.e. 3, 6, 12 months.

3. They need to be SMART

Specific: What exactly is your goal? To feel healthy is not specific. To Lose 2kg in a month is.

Measureable: Make sure you can measure your improvements along the way. For example you might have body shape measurements such as weight and blood pressure, or performance measurements such as running 4km without stopping.

Achievable: Is it actually possible to achieve your goal? In your heart you need to believe that you can actually get there.

Realistic: This is one notch higher than achievable. It might be possible for you to run a marathon (with the right amount of training) but is it realistic given your lifestyle factors?

Time Based: You need to set your goals against a timeframe.

4. Reward myself for my achievements!

So these are my goals (you all can keep me accountable!):


1. Lose 15 kilos by December 8th.

a. This is approximately 1 kilo per week

b. I know I am aiming high, but I want to have a big goal so I am motivated to achieve it.

c. I will follow Mish’s plan and I will exercise 6 times per week.

d. I will weigh myself once per week to keep myself on track.

e. If it looks like I am plateauing, I will eat less calories, eat less carbs or increase intensity of exercise so that I overcome it.

2. Fit into my jeans/dress by December 8th

a. Above

3. Be UNDER my lowest recorded weight by January 12th

a. This means I have to stay accountable during the HOLIDAY PERIOD (insert scary music)

b. Above


4. Complete cantoo swim which starts in November

a. I have 9 weeks til it starts

b. Have 2 training swim days PER WEEK once the season starts

c. Be able to swim 2km straight before season starts

d. Increase laps by 100metres per week.

5. Run a ½ marathon

a. This is a hard one!!!! I will aim for 12 months

b. By September 19 I want to run a ½ marathon

c. By march I need to be running 10.5km

d. By December I need to be running 5km per week


This really depends on my money, I think though one reward will be traveling to Europe next year – SKINNY! It's hard because i think being healthy will be my ultimate reward :)

Thanks for reading xoxo

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    Okay.. now will have to reread your post as I was slightly distracted by said swooning!