Tuesday, August 31, 2010

12WBT Task 2: "excusing of a fault doth make the fault the worse by the excuse"

Our dear old friend Mr Shakespeare said, "and oftentimes excusing of a fault doth make the fault the worse by the excuse.”

To what extent do you all agree or disagree with this phrase? I think its perfectly valid. If we keep on making excuses for our behaviour, we will never succeed. How can we succeed if we aren't even able to admit our own faults? How can we improve if we keep making excuses?

According to Michelle Bridges, there are three types of excuses:

1. Internal Excuses: The self talk that goes on between the Jekyll and Hyde in your head. For example: I’m too tired, I’m not motivated, I’m so far gone it’s not worth even trying, I’m too unfit, I might fail, I’ll look silly.

2. External Excuses within your control: These are excuses prompted by external factors but which you still have some control over. For example I’m too busy, it’s too hot/cold, I can’t afford it.

3. External excuses outside of your control: These are external factors that you have absolutely no control over, real emergencies. For example a sick child, family crisis, work crisis. Unfortunately there is nothing you can do to get out of these and yes your training or diet may be affected by them.

Pre Season Task 2 called on us to look at what excuses we have used in the past, and list them into the three categories. Interestingly enough, most of mine were internal excuses. I've listed my excuses below:

I’m unmotivated: this is a cop out – just freaking do it!

I'm so far gone it’s not worth even trying: hello you’ve been heavier than this – stop making excuses you’ve done it three times now you can do it again!!

I’m too tired. I always use this excuse. I actually believe it most of the time, although when I think back to when I was healthy (and happier in general from exercising like a demon) I used to just go the gym, tired or not.

My back hurts. Although this is viable, I need to lose weight. I also could do some form of exercise which was low impact like walking or pilates/yoga. Or the cross trainer or swimming. If I lost weight my back wouldn’t hurt so much. If I was more mobile, my joints more lubricated, It wouldn’t hurt as much.

I can’t exercise as hard with my back injury: there’s other exercise I can do, just because I have an injury doesn’t mean I have to quit the game.

My back made me put on weight: this is stupid, I should have eaten well and not used this as an excuse to regain the weight and ruin my hard work. My back does not control my hands and mouth!

I’m so much less fit than what I was before when I was doing bootcamp and weight training etc: I can work at my own pace. I don’t need to train super hard every session. If I train consistently I will improve. Everyone has to start somewhere. I will remember what that feeling was like to run 10km – and I will do it again.

Every Christmas/Easter: it’s the holidays and I deserve a treat. I know that once I start I can’t stop – so I need to stop starting all the time. I am addicted to food.

I’m not confident enough to go to the gym. I started at this weight years ago. I just went to the gym and did my own thing. Then the weight came off faster. Then I joined fernwood and made friends there.

Everyone will be disappointed with me when they see I’ve put on so much weight. I don’t get disappointed with people when they put on weight, because I know how that feels - I’ve piled the weight back on three times now – each time I’ve changed gyms. If it is really that bad – I can change again.

I missed the gym class and I hate machines: Should have gone for a run Lady B! Or a walk, or danced in your room for an hour to fun music. Could have done something but YOU chose not too.

There’s no point because I’ve eaten something bad today. I’d be better off negating the bad food I’ve eaten than not exercising at all.

I have too much uni work. This is true in exam time, but I do better at uni clear headed and less stressed from exercise. Surely I can find one hour – or maybe I need to start doing my assessments earlier.

What’s the point I always put the weight back on. The point is that I’m healthier, happier and more confident at a lower weight. It just means i need to figure out WHY i put the weight back on.

I’ll start tomorrow: tomorrow never comes unfortunately

I can’t afford the gym right now: look outside, your front door is the gym. Go for a walk!

It’s too hot/cold: I could have stayed inside and done one of my work out dvds or the treadmill

Too busy/no routine: Hello – you found room in your timetable to exercise. You just need to get off your lazy bum and do it!! Even with extra uni work and work!!

Are there any excuses you guys use that are different to mine?

Lady B xoxo


  1. It is awesome to read other people's excuses, mostly because they are pretty much the same as mine.

    And, yup, I agree with Shakespear - it's bad enough when we don't exercise, making excuses justifies it and increases the liklihood of skipping the next session as well!

  2. Isn't that amazing that we use the same excuses? That shows that the psychological dialogue we're having isn't abnormal - and it can be overcome!

  3. Ah, can relate to so many. Yes, the biggest challenge is in our heads. And here we also are finding the time to blog!