Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pre season task 5 & 6 - Say it out loud & Kitchen makeover

Sorry I have been so AWOL – Trying to complete assessments. One made me cry. But I did not head for chocolate or cake!
This week has been a pre-task detox for me. Not a detox in the sense that I’m eating nothing but raw foods, but a detox that saw me eating healthy and counting calories. Even my boyfriend is counting calories! To do this I have been staying away from home (because that’s where all the naughty high calorie laden food is) and living at my boyfriend’s house for the past week. It’s been very convenient but I have to go back home next week. This worries me for a number of reasons – I went home last night for dinner and had to resist cake. I looked in the cupboard and it was full of biscuits and muesli bards and chips and things.
I've decided to try and combine pre season 5 and 6 so sorry that this is going to be a long post!

So pre season Task 5 is about goal commitment. I must admit I've not really taken this goal as seriously as i should have. I told my best man about it - and I’ve enrolled my bf in this whole thing - but apart from putting my goals out to the world in this blog i haven't really told anyone else. I guess I’ve half done this task :)
So when i go back home i will tell my family about what I am going to achieve (notice there is no 'try' or 'want' in that sentence!)
Pre season task 6 is giving your kitchen a makeover – I suggested this to my mum and she basically canned the idea. So I asked my new 12wbt family on the forum for some ideas and I thought I’d post the response because it is a helpful one.

I just made a similar suggestion on another post - but can you get your own cupboard/space so that you don’t need to go in to the other cupboards that have the high temptation food in them?  The fridge might be difficult, but even if you can get half a shelf in there that is just for you and you cannot even look at the rest of the fridge?
It can be tough when other people don’t support you, but will be quick to point out if you fail.  There is lots of support on here for you….I believe you can do it!
So what I’m going to do to complete this task, is clean out a section of the kitchen, or one shelf for MY food. And that way if I need or want something I can only zero in on that section of the kitchen.
Mish suggested we:
1. Bring your rubbish bin into the middle of the room, open the cupboards and be ruthless! Follow the list below to know what to keep and what to toss.
2. Have an enrolment conversation with everyone else in the house. You’ve already committed your goals to them in the last task so this should come as no surprise. Explain that you will be eating differently now and a lot of the junk food that was allowed in the house before will be gone for good. Ask for their support and remember that if you have kids, you have a responsibility to teach them the right way to eat.
3. Use the shopping list to stock up on the healthy foods. You will be getting a weekly shopping list specific your eating plan, but this list will get you started.
She also gave us a shopping list, a lot of which I know we already have at home.
Have any of you found that your family or partners have made your kitchen make over difficult? What type of strategies do you use? Thanks for reading and all your comments.
Lastly, I want to share with you a recipe for a relatively low calorie pizza i made today. I had a lovely pork sausage pizza from Opera Bar a while back and i wanted to try making a healthy version of it (or at least lower calorie)
Makes 2 pizzas
100grams of Pork Sausage - sliced (I used Coles finest free range pork and cider apple sausages)
Handful of mushrooms - sliced
1 red onion - sliced
1/4 capsicum - sliced
2TB pizza sauce (leggos)
50 g lite Mozzarella cheese (I used Coles shredded mozzarella lite)
2 pieces of Lebanese bread (I used Mission brand - around 190cals per piece, make sure you check because pita can be high in calories)
Garlic (fresh), oregano (dried) and basil (fresh)
Spray oil.
Preheat oven to around 150 (degrees Celsius)
Spray a non stick pan with oil, add onion and brown. Add mushrooms, garlic, oregano and basil (these are to taste - no set amount) and capsicum - stir until soft. Take off heat.
Lightly fry pieces of pork sausage in the same pan (you might need a little more spray).
Spread 1 TB of pizza sauce on each piece of Lebanese bread. Put the veggie mixture on evenly on each piece, add even amount of sausage to each pizza, sprinkle cheese on both and bake for around 15mins.
Per pizza:  Cals: 407; Kj: 1702; Fat: 13.8; Sat fat: 6; Prot: 22.7; Carb: 43; Sugar: 7; Fibre: 5.7; Sod: 1016; Calc: 188

Mmmm... Pork Sausage Pizza

 NB: 1 whole pizza equates to almost the same calories of 2 slices of regular peperoni pizza. To lower the calories even further, I usually use shaved 97% fat free ham instead of sausage, which would reduce the overall pizza to 346 calories, fat to 6.2 and Sat fat to 2.9 (this would be more suitable for the 12wbt). You could also add as many veggies as you like.


  1. Hey,

    Yeah I live at home and basically everyone else was can eat what you like but imnot giving up on my *insert fatty food here*

    Now in some ways I'm lucky. I had to have my gall bladder removed last year (it got a disease and poisened me) so I cant eat anything thats high in fat anyways. But SUGAR omg how I love it.

    So I made small tweaks to the house (we now have a fruit based sugar thats really calorie low) in general and I got everyone to agree to buy snack that are bad in variations I dont like. So we have alot of picnics etc which dont tempt me because I dont like them.

    And i prepped alot of healthy snacks like watermelon and carrot sticks which I do like to stave off the "ill eat this because making a healthier opyion defeats the im in a rush but need to eat something" problem

    Hope some of this helps xo

  2. sugar is my arch nemisis too. Anything sweet :) but then again most of the sweet food i love is also high in fat! Example: CAKE lol.

    That's a great idea making small adjustments - its probably easier for everyone to get used to. I've decided to just give up muesli bars and things like that (even ones that pose as healthy) because that's whats in the cupboard, if i lose the taste for it i won't reach for it.

    Definately going to prep some healthy snacks like you suggested, the carrot pieces and stuff - that way if i'm late for uni i can grab a bag and get one my way :) thanks for your suggestions shell xo

  3. Definitely a challenge when you're not supported at home. While I at least have control of the buying and kitchen stock, I'll have a riot if I make everyone eat exactly the same as me. Getting the cupboard to yourself sounds like a great idea. I've been making myself up my own snacks too... the virtuous feeling is still happening after a few weeks of preseason, so hopefully it'll kick in for good.

    I've been getting my sweet fix from passionfruit and strawberries (which seem to be cheap at the moment) and lo fat yoghurt and muesli. We did actually have some fresh passionfruit from the next door neighbours hanging over our fence - and I've put all the pulp in a container in the fridge, and I just get out a teaspoon or two. (Just looked it up - one passionfruit = 16 calories.) But even if you bought a few passionfruit - even though they are expensive, they're still not as expensive as blocks of chocolate or bought cake!

    Like Shell's idea of prepping the watermelon for the sweet fix too!