Thursday, September 30, 2010

The end of Week 2

Not sure if this is what Mish meant when
she said we'd be eating lots of veggies :)

So week 1 and 2 have been a success for me. Mostly because I’ve followed the nutrition plan closely – except for the first weekend.

Okay, in my defense I was going out for dinner so I thought I’d use it as my treat meal. That day I did a swimming session, I ate wholemeal toast with ricotta for brekky and a salad for lunch (no snacks). At dinner, I ordered the pear salad (to share) and for my main I ordered fish (didn’t eat the skin).

However, the dinner also included red wine. Copious amounts of red wine. My old trainer said ‘you know 1 glass of red is like having a bread roll’. I don’t even WANT to calculate how many bread rolls I ate. Must have been like a baker’s dozen!! And *small helpless voice* a couple of shots. AND *even smaller voice* I may have eaten a hamburger for lunch the next day (although I didn’t eat any dinner or snacks).  This is WHY we should not drink alcohol.

Mr Pumpkin feels my pain, halloween celebrations -
wayyyy too much vino for him too

Did I mention I was sick that night? I pretty much threw all those breadrolls down the toilet. Oh yes friends, I rode the porcelain bus. I’m not proud of it but it is about being accountable. So that’s why I told you all.

On the up side I had a loss of 900grams this week (even with that disaster of a weekend). So I’m really pleased about that :)

I’ve been looking into purchasing some ‘flotation devices’ for the pool (heheh flotation device!) I mean aqua joggers. This is so I can still run – but with no impact which would be great for my back. I’ve been swimming in  my own pool but it is only about 10 metres long so I really need to get out to the Olympic pool. I’ve also booked my first one on one session with a pilates instructor, it isn’t for a couple of weeks but the main thing is that it is in the schedule! I’m also going to do canto swim for more motivation (4km swim at the beach say what?!). I figure seeing as I can only really swim to raise my heart rate up I may as well be good at it (my friend said I’m so competitive she rekons she’ll see me at the next Olympics LOL)

Week 2 has been great so far – except I’ve been a bit tired (which is probably from me staying up to late on the 12wbt forums!!) So as far as exercise goes – Monday night was low impact aerobics, Tuesday was 1km in laps in the pool, Wed was nothing because I was so tired, thurs was ZUMBA (hilarious, fun AND a good work out J ) and tonight is low impact aerobics. My best friend wants us to start training in the beach for cantoo swim (we’ve registered for the 2km swim). I think it is a bit cold to start in the beach this weekend but I’m looking forward to our training sessions.

What scares me about this photo is it is a case of garlic
 suicide. And they are HAPPY about it!! Someone planted
a knife on their slippery dip - practically murder!
Brings me back to the humpty days (clearly he was also
murdered, in cold egg... 

I have been doing a lot of cooking too. Even when i'm tired - i either grab something that i've pre made and frozen or cook anyway - last nights lentil soup was delishhh

How is everyone doing with their 12wbt? I'm massively impressed by everyone's results. One in particular that was mentioned on facebook was a lady had massively lowered her cholesterol and controlled her diabetes. I'm so impressed because that's the most important thing of all. Also, everyone on the forums have been so supportive and sweet. They organise group training sessions and activities, listen to you whinge (like I do all the time! Share your joy when you achieve something you haven't done before, or haven't for a while. I have learnt with weight loss that is so important to HAVE that support network. I didnt realise that before, but every time i enlist the support of others i succeed. So i will definately succeed this time :)

Ok B is signing off. xoxoxo


  1. LOL at the 'You say tomato' pic.

    We're all living and learning with this... so you'll take that night you fell off the wagon and learn from it! And kudos to you - you might have fallen off, but you've climbed back on again. Great stuff with the loss!

  2. Loving your pics :)

    Keep up the planning and preparation and it will always help you when you have a slight slip up.

    Hope to see you at Pain In The Domain next week!!!

  3. Did you guys end up training today? For sure :) I had another treat meal blow out this week though :/ not good. This time sushi train and black russians. At least i had it with diet coke instead of normal coke and milk :/

    I seem to jump off the wagon, go into the bar have a few drinks, and stumble back onto the wagon every weekend :( lol